Ultimate Painting (UP) Opportunity for Painting in Acrylic

Ultimate Painting (UP) is more than likely coming to St. Cloud in mid-December.  Final date and location will be posted here when it gets scheduled.   This event is a free-to-enter competition and is a lot of fun.    Twelve different people show up with their brushes ONLY.  All paint, easels, canvasses, etc.  are supplied.  There are  2 painting rounds- 6 people have 20 minutes to paint whatever you want with no photos, phones, tablets, references etc.     The audience votes (via cell phone) for 2 paintings from each round. The 4 winners  do a final 20 minute paint round and 2 finalists are chosen to go to Michigan in July.   ACRYLIC ONLY!      ALL paintings are put in a silent auction which is conducted at the end of the night.  The individual artists keep half of the proceeds that come from the auction.  Our CMW member, Tim Schreder, is the one responsible for promoting St. Cloud and sees this as a great way to do that.     If this sounds like something you or anyone else would be interested in please respond to Tim for more information  at this email address : timschreder230@gmail.com . 

Tim's UP Art

Tim’s UP Art

Schreder - Ultimate Paint table Nov 2014 resize



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