News as of August 3, 2015

1..  Attending the July “Paint Du Nord” show in Duluth was Ed Cacek.  Here he is with his paintings in the show – Click on any picture to enlarge:

2.  Art in the Garden Show was held at Munsinger Gardens,Thursday, August 16th and was a show lead very well by Kerry  Kupferschmidt.  It was a beautiful day until someone stirred the rain gods at about 4 PM but then it cleared by 5:30 pm.    Our location in the lower gardens was great and along the roadway.  There was good space for our work – on metal display racks (thanks to Bonnie Schwichtenberg)and under a tent (thanks to Anita Hendrickx).  There were 14 artists participating this year compared to 9 artists last year.  Three of our artists had sales.   We look forward to even more artists showing in 2016. All in all it was a very good day. Here are some photos taken at that event-Click on any picture to enlarge

3.  Frank Zeller Workshop coming October 10-11  CMW and the Paramount Visual Arts Center are partnering to present a watercolor workshop there by Frank Zeller, Saturday and Sunday, 9AM to 4PM October 10 and 11, 2015.  One of the perks of your CMW membership is that you have first opportunity to register before it is opened to the public August 14.  Tuition is $100.

Here is what Frank says about art.
– Art must convey something worthwhile to the viewer, here is what “conveying” means:
         1.  Art must convey visual enjoyment in a distinctive way.
         2.  Art must communicate a worthy idea or message.
         3.  Art must produce results that will later facilitate the provisions of one or both of the above points.
May I suggest you looking at paintings by some of our contemporary artist, such as Charles Reid and Claire Harrigan. I purposely choose artist that are popular today, verses artist of the past, because they are living in a culture that reflects in their art.

Here he is with some examples of his work – Click to enlarge.

4.  CMW Show “Lusicous” at the Paramount Theatre Lobby – This exhibit was runs from August 1 – Sept 9, 2015.  Stop by to view the great art.   For more of the paintings, see the Member Exhibits events under the Exhibits tab.  Here are some snapshots – Click to enlarge:

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