News as of September 26, 2015

  1.  The CMW annual membership dinner meeting was held Monday, September 14 at Watab Hall.  The dinner catered by Henry’s Catering of Foley was delicious, the venue very attractive and social time was fun.  President Stephanie Young led the agenda which consisted of recognition of many people for their volunteerism over the past year, up and coming exhibits with discussion of any changes needed, business reports and any suggestions to be submitted for CMW Board discussion and followup.  A draft 2016 CMW calendar of events was distributed and reviewed with exciting activities to come.  For pictures please see the meetings tab.
  2.   There are two upcoming shows– one at Whitney Senior Center and the other at the Rivers’ Edge Convention Center.  These shows go up on September 30 until November 30, 2015.    Stop by these places and take a look!
  3. Newletter tip on diptych’s and triptych – see that tab for details
  4. Dan Mondloch (CMW member)  is exhibiting at the Millstream Arts Festival  in St. Joseph on Sunday, September 28 – stop by and see what’s new with Dan.  Here’s what he has said:
    “In addition to the festival, I am honored to be part of the exhibit  “Millstream Best In Show” Each Year the Millstream Festival is judged, and the winners get a prestigious show at St. Bens which was held (last evening at the Gorecki Center). I am very excited to share this exhibition with you all because it features only my new 3D paintings.”  This work is titled “Log Cabin”.
    Mondloch 3D Sept 15
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