News as of Saturday, October 31, 2015

Frank Zeller Workshop  – Nineteen people attended this educational event which was held Oct 10-11 at the Paramount Visual Arts Center.   Many concepts were covered which put the attending artists hard at work and much learning was undertaken.

 River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud – If you haven’t see the CMW Show as yet, be sure to stop by. Takedown of the CMW show is scheduled for  Monday, November 30th from 4-5 PM.   Mark your calendars!

The CMW October Meeting featured CMW member Kerry Kupferschmidt as the demonstrating artist.  Kerry specializes in professional renderings of homes and showed how he uses watercolor to create and enhance his images.  Thank you, Kerry!

Next CMW Meeting – Monday, November 9, 2015 at the Paramount – Steph Young will give an update about exciting CMW happenings.  In addition, our featured demonstration artist will be Duane Barnhart.  Here is what he says, The translucent quality of watercolor lets the paper reflect light to create an inner glow that gives the painting more life.  I enjoy both plein air  painting on location and working in my studio on Big Pine Lake south of Aitkin, Minnesota. I try to capture a sense of presence and a fresh look at the subject. I enjoy experimenting with the use of saturated color and strive to take advantage of the translucency of the paints. ”     To see his work click on this site:

When the winter blahs strike, CMW will be there— Watch for an update about the planning and signup for a CMW paint in at Campfire Bay Resort in Cushing, MN for March 10-13th, 2016.  It’s a beautiful resort ina a beautiful area only about an hour north of St. Cloud– modern and super accommodations.  More information to come shortly.


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