News as of September 21, 2016

Here are some items to  make note of:

  1. Meetings
    – The CMW Annual Meeting held on September 12th, 2016 was a great success with 32 members and 4 guests attending.  Kerry Kupferschmidt was excited to introduce Gordon Schrank as the incoming VP and Yvonne Schrank as the incoming Treasurer beginning January 2017.  It’s people like these who step up to the plate to voluntarily serve CMW (for the next 2 years )and they are given a big THANK YOU!  We couldn’t keep our organization going without them.  The outgoing VP is Linda Addicott and outgoing Treasurer is Robyn York – A big THANK YOU to them too!
    Kerry was also excited to announce that CMW will conduct a $50 Sale on Friday, November 4, 2016 during the Art Crawl.  Watch for more details about this event.For the first time, CMW issued a Members’ Choice Award based on paintings exhibited at the Paramount Show.  Based on member voting, the winner was Linda Addicott with her painting “Showtime“.  addicott-showtime-sept-16
    October CMW Meeting – Monday, October 10th at the Paramount Studios, 6 PM
    Susan Fryer Voigt will demo at our October meeting at the Paramount.  She uses a mixed media approach and here is what she says:“Here is the information about what I will be demonstrating. In 2011, I was fortunate to study with a well-known American artist in Scotland. During those two weeks of painting with transparent watercolors outdoors, the instructor suggested that I might be a “layerist” instead of a transparent watercolorist. He offered his casein and acrylic paints so that I could work the way I do with acrylics, pastels, oils and casein. Since then, I have been using watercolor in a “layerist” manner – often using a roller and trowels along with brushes to attain the dimension and texture. Aquapasto is an additive that thickens watercolor and gouache can really make a difference. Even plein air painting is now pleasurable with watercolors. I will be demonstrating how I use these tools, paints, additives, and different surfaces.” Susan Fryer Voigt  Here are some examples of her work:

     November CMW Meeting – Monday, November 14 at the Paramount Studios – 6 PM
    Peggy Hall will be the demonstrator for this meeting.   Here is what she says about her work:

    I call myself an “intuitive painter”   — Putting my energy into each brushstroke.  Each painting I create has my unique style and color.My diversity can be experienced in the various media I utilize. As an artist I never limit myself.  I am open to exploring new techniques. My goal is that my brushwork will reflect my passion and love for painting. When my painting touches your heart and soul, I know it is truly good.  Here are examples of her work:

    2. CMW Shows
    Paramount Show – Currently in progress in the main lobby.  Takedown is Monday, September 26th, 4-5 PM.
    *  November 4, 2016 – Best Ever $50 Sale in Studio B, 5-9 PM.  Bring your pieces labeled with your name, ready to hang – do not need to be framed.  You hang and you
    take down — no early take-downs.  No limit to the number of pieces you may show.  All art is to be sold for $50.
    *  Rivers Edge Convention Center – November – December 19th.  Details TBA.

    3.  Events

*Matting Workshop – FREE to members –November 5, 2016 given by Robyn York who has much expertise in this area. It will be held at Watab Town Hall from 1-4. Bring some mat board materials to work with for this hands on workshop.


*Lian Quan Zhen Fall workshop October 24-26, 2016 focus is Chinese Painting. This is a great time to learn how to paint with simple strokes and exercise your skills in not overworking your paintings. Signup with Derick Segerstrom at the Paramount 320-257-5928 or email at Here are examples of Lian’s Chinese paintings:



* Ted Nuttall 2017 Spring Workshop coming to the Paramount with a focus on painting portraits. This nationally known artist is in high demand so let Derick Segerstrom know of your interest in signing up for this workshop. The fee for CMW members is $450. Contact Derick Segerstrom at the Paramount 320-257-5928 or email at Here are examples of Ted’s work:



4. Announcements

  • cebuhar-mary-portraitCongratulations to CMW Member Mary Cebuhar for achieving the Mom’s Choice Award for her Book:  Listen When the Ocean Speaks
    She also painted the book cover as shown herecebuhar-book-cover-listen-when-the-ocean-speaks-cover.  Here is an article summarizing her work.

Award-winning Children’s Book Empowers Kids to Help Save Mother Ocean
Listen When the Ocean Speaks Wins an Aug. 2016 Mom’s Choice Award
By Rachel M. Anderson, Contributing Writer
(Cedar Rapids, IA) – For more than a quarter century, Mary Lieder Cebuhar of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has
considered herself a water baby. “I have wintered in Mexico for over 25 years and spent many hours snorkeling
in the Mexican Caribbean, particularly Puerto Morelos on the Yucatan Peninsula where the second largest
barrier reef in the world is located,” she said.
The reef in Puerto Morelos is part of the Mesoamerican Reef, an ancient ecosystem dating some 225 million
years. At nearly 1,000 kilometers in length, it stretches along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and
Back in the 1990s when she started snorkeling, Lieder Cebuhar remembers seeing a plethora of tropical fish and
marine creatures; but in recent years there have been a lot of changes. “The water is cloudier. Parts of the reef
and coral heads are dying. The fish population is much less than it was and there are pieces of plastic floating in
the water that were never there before. The star fish, sea cucumbers and conchs that were plentiful are hard to
find now,” she said.
The author says she has also noticed a decrease in marine life in the other places she has snorkeled: The Fiji
Islands and the Bahamas. Wanting to be part of the solution, Lieder Cebuhar recently wrote, illustrated and selfpublished
the children’s book, Listen When the Ocean Speaks.
The book was recently featured in the Ocean Conservancy newsletter, and in Aug. 2016, won a Mom’s Choice
Award. The Mom’s Choice Award program honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.
The Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., that helps
formulate ocean policy at the federal and state government levels based on peer reviewed science.
Listen When the Ocean Speaks begins with the words, “Listen. You can hear the ocean when you put a conch
shell up to your ears. Shhh…Listen. Someone is speaking.”
In the text that follows, Mother Ocean proceeds to explain to the children snorkeling in her waters, along with
readers, why her water has become so cloudy, how hurt she is by the disrespect people have shown when they
destroy the mangroves along her shores and throw trash in her waters; and the damage being done to the reefs
by people who pick coral. The mantra presented throughout, “Save the Sea while there’s still time. It’s never too
late to make things fine.”

  • Demo artists are needed for art crawls.  Please volunteer  and notify a board member of your interest.
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