News as of October 16, 2016

As we head into a busy art and holiday season, here are some happenings.

                                                         CMW MEETINGS

The Monday, October 10th meeting was held at the Paramount Studios.
Susan Fryer Voigt gave an eye opening and delightful demo at this meeting.  She used a mixed media approach with a paper washed with acrylic and then applied watercolor paint over that.   Susan demonstrated her art approach in a “layerist” manner – using a roller and trowels  – no brushes. Her piece below showed how she attained the dimension and texture in her work.  She also used Neutral Tint ,Aquapasto and gouache to really make a difference in making her work outstanding. Here are some pictures of the progress of her work.

Here are some of the other paintings that Susan displayed for those attending.  Note that she has also done work with alcohol inks:

Members attending enjoyed this demo very much:

We also enjoyed Sharon Houg’s Zen Doodle creations-  she very much enjoys this art form especially in black and white.
Here are some of her works:


 **November CMW Meeting
Monday, November 14 at the Paramount Studios – 6 PM
Peggy Hall will be the demonstrator for this meeting.   Here is what she says about her work:
I call myself an “intuitive painter”   — Putting my energy into each brushstroke.  Each painting I create has my unique style and color.   
My diversity can be experienced in the various media I utilize. As an artist I never limit myself.  I am open to exploring new techniques. My goal is that my brushwork will reflect my passion and love for painting. When my painting touches your heart and soul, I know it is truly good.”
Here are examples of her work:


**December CMW Meeting

Monday, Dec 12, 2016 CMW Holiday Meeting at Paramount Studios – 6 PM
This is a holiday social so bring a treat, bring an original Christmas card xmas-pkg-top_new-1for the card exchange, bring your holiday spirit and enjoy the ASW show. 



      ~Upcoming CMW Shows~

November 4, 2016Best Ever $50 Sale in Paramount Studio B, 5-9 PM.  Hang between 3:30-4:45 PM.  Bring your original pieces labeled with your name, ready to hang – do not need to be framed.  You hang and you  take down — no early take-downs.  No limit to the number of pieces you may show.  All art is to be sold for $50.  Need volunteers to help with updating tdisplay and for signage.  To notify Robyn York of your interest  click here at

November 4 – December ? –Rivers Edge Convention Center – 2 paintings/artist.  $5 participation fee. Drop off paintings November 4 between 4-5 PM.  Takedown date to be determined.

* Watch for upcoming 2017 CMW Shows


*Matting Workshop – FREE to members –November 5, 2016 given by Robyn York who has much expertise in this area. It will be held at Watab Town Hall from 1-4.
Bring some back board and mat board materials to work with for this hands on workshop.


*Lian Quan Zhen Fall workshop October 24-26, 2016 focus is Chinese Painting. This is a great time to learn how to paint with simple strokes and exercise your skills in not overworking your paintings. The Paramount is now opening up the last 7 openings beyond CMW members  Sign up with Derick Segerstrom at the Paramount 320-257-5928 or email at Here are examples of Lian’s Chinese paintings:


* Campfire Bay Resort – CMW Paint In – Cushing MN – March 9-12, 2017:  Plan now to come and enjoy distraction-free days of painting to your heart’s content or whatever you want to d0 — take walks, sit by the lake, take naps, read, watch videos – or do all of them. The Resort accommodates groups and is well setup for great work areas. Network with friends and colleagues.  Open to CMW members.  Sign up at one of the CMW meetings or contact a board member.


 * Ted Nuttall 2017 Spring Workshop coming to the Paramount with a focus on painting portraits. This nationally known artist is in high demand so let Derick Segerstrom know of your interest in signing up for this workshop. The fee for CMW members is $450. Contact Derick Segerstrom at the Paramount 320-257-5928 or email at .
Here are examples of Ted’s work:





  • Demo artists are needed for art crawls.  Please volunteer  and notify a board member of your interest or sign up at one of the CMW meetings.
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