News as of February 1, 2017

January is now history and here it is – February – Doesn’t the time go too fast?  
Here’s all the fun that’s happening:


Kerry Kupferschmidt, CMW President announced that Mr. Bob Johnson,
the new Executive Director of the Paramount Art Center, will be at our
February meeting.
He is asking for feedback from our members.
This is an opportunity for you to offer opinions about our meeting space,
Workshops, gallery shows, or other ideas.
Another great reason to show up at the meeting!  Come to share your thoughts.

2017 Art Crawls  – Two demo artists are needed for each of 3 events in 2017  for
April, June, August and November.
  This is part of our CMW collaborative agreement with
the Paramount so we all own responsibility in taking a turn.    We only need 8 people
per year so that means one turn will last a long time.  The length of the art crawl is from
4-9 PM at the Paramount studios.  
Here are some pointers and tips to ponder about being a demo artist
– all intended to reduce anxiety and encourage members:

Being a demo artist, does not require anything but to be painting and be open to
 questions if    you are approached by the public. And it’s perfectly OK to say –
   “I really don’t know” – if that kind of  question comes your way.  People usually
   only stop to watch for a minute or so — anything you do will be new to them. 
   Avoid the head game of making up what their judgements might be – most of them are
   in awe that you do what you do.

* You are not expected to be working on any specific size painting.  You can work on painting
    cards if you wish.  Or you can  just be practicing different techniques. Suit your own needs.
* One option that reduces pressure is to rotate working on a few of your paintings off and on
   throughout the crawl.  That way if you start to wonder what to do next  you have a way to
    keep painting.  One artist brings completed paintings and  gently  gives those a little brush
    attention – so that the pressure to produce is lessened. Who knows? You might happen across 
    a potential buyer in the process.
* Those who have conducted demo’s  find it very interesting and an opportunity to discuss your
   work, approach etc.  Even if you are a beginner, that makes for an interesting topic and an
    encouragement to others. 
* Grab one of your painting friends and do it together which makes it even more fun.
   Or ask one of the members with more experience to accompany you.  
This is not intended to be a single artist activity.

                                                     ~ Meetings~

Monday, February 13th – 6 PM at the Paramount  Bob Johnson, Paramount Executive Director
will be present for 
 discussions with members as noted above. The rest of  this meeting will be
Easel night for members to present their work related to the theme, “Spring’s the Thing”
or any painting they wish to present.This is not a formal critique process so come and
join in and learn from artist colleagues.

Monday, March 13thGather at 6 PM in the Paramount Visual Arts Center, St Cloud MN. 
 The meeting will include an update from President, Kerry Kupferschmidt and
a presentation by acrylic artist, Bonnie Cutts from the
Golden Paint Company. Bonnie will conduct an overview of a variety
of art paint mediums and we will have a  Q&A session.  This is a
great chance to enlarge our knowledge and see what is new “out there”.  
Here is Bonnie’s Bio:
Bonnie studied at the University of Minnesota, where she received her BFA with a
concentration in drawing and painting. She has shown her work professionally in both solo and
group exhibits over the past 30 years. Her work, both studio and commissioned, resides in
numerous private and corporate collections around the country. She has been affiliated with
Golden Artist Colors’ Working Artist Program since 1998. She offers technical lectures about
acrylic materials in college classrooms and for a variety of artists’ groups and organizations.
She teaches workshops across the country—as well as internationally—which consist of
information on innovative applications of acrylic materials.

The process of painting is as important as the finished artwork; what is not visible is as
important as what is seen. She finds a true sense of discovery in her work and is always
interested in the next place or thing to see, the next move to make, and the next image to paint.

Waite Park Library Show will be today, Feb. 1-28th, 2017.  Drop off is today, Feb. 1
from 4-5 pm.  Size of 16″ x 20″ or less are preferred.  Take down is from 4-5 pm on
Tuesday, Feb. 28th.   Information and $5 payment is due to Yvonne Schrank by
January 26th.  You can reach Yvonne this email – click on this link:

Good Shepherd Nursing Home Show in Sauk Rapids will be held from
March 31st – May 31st.  Hang time is from 3-4 on March 31st and take down is from 4-5 PM on
May 31st.  Cost is $5/artist; two paintings/artist. Small paintings at $150 or less sell the best. 
Note the time for hang is different than usual.

East Bank Gallery CMW Show in Sioux Falls, SD – April 1st deadline
 for submission to CMW website
Here is a great opportunity to participate in this exclusive CMW Show which is to be
held in July, 2017.  The Gallery will be promoting and advertising this show so early dates
are necessary.  The Gallery staff project that selections will be made by April/early May and
the artists of the accepted works will be notified then.  There will be 2-4 alternate works
selected in the event that sales occur during the show. 
There is no limit to the number of paintings you can submit for the jurying process. 
Please note:  Once chosen, the paintings must be for sale and kept available after
that date.
 CMW will be coordinating the transport of artwork to and from the Gallery. 

The following is required for your participation in this show:

Before April 1st – Have a jpeg image of your artwork sent to Mary Buhl at
along with the following information:         Title
                              Size ( framed or projected frame size)
                                                                       Medium  i.e. Watercolor or mixed medium

Mary is very willing to assist you in photographing your work and sending it to her. 
Her phone # is 320-252-4412 Email is:   
Do not hesitate to call or email her.  You will notice a tab titled “East Bank Gallery” on the CMW
website where the artwork will be displayed for the East Bank Gallery staff selection process.


* Campfire Bay Resort – CMW Paint InCancelled due to lack of signups. 
The Board will evaluate what the interest may be if this type of event were coordinated for a
different time of year.

 * Ted Nuttall 2017 Spring Workshop  onApril 24-27th, 2017 coming to the
Paramount with a focus on painting portraits. This nationally known artist is in
high demand so let Derick Segerstrom know of your interest in putting your
name on a waiting list. The  reduced fee for CMW members is $450.
Contact Derick Segerstrom at the Paramount 320-257-5928 or click on this email to 
Here are examples of Ted’s work:



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