News as of Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Here’s what’s going on with CMW – a good time to be painting in the middle of winter!  Get your painting ready for the February President’s challenge, “It Caught My Eye”.

CMW Meetings:

February 12, 20186 PM Member Meeting– Easel night at the Paramount starts at 6 PM with registrations and networking. President Gordon Schrank will have a report for the members and the painting viewing will be conducted after that. Bring your painting in response to the President’s Challenge, “It Caught My Eye” and/or any other paintings you would like to show to your colleagues. This night is not a critique but rather you may ask for input if you wish.  It’s a very friendly and supportive process.

March 12, 2018Member Meeting at the Paramount at 6 PM – There will be registrations for upcoming art shows available and a short meeting. There will be a demo by Kathy Braud, CMW Member focusing on how to make a variety of skies with clouds that will add interest to landscapes.

April 9, 2018 – Member Meeting at the Paramount at 6 PM. Demo artist will be Georgia Kandiko, a current instructor at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, the South Shore Community Center and the U of M Landscape Arboretum.

May 14, 2018 – Member Meeting at the Paramount at 6 PM. Demo artist will be Catherine Hearding from Lake Elmo. She is a well known instructor of art organizations in the Cities and was a Juror for Selection and Awards for watercolor at the 2017 State Fair.

Upcoming CMW Shows:

Waite Park Library Show – February 1-28, 2018
Important dates

– jpeg of your painting by January 22, 2018  to Mary Buhl at
– hang time is Feb. 1st from 4-5 pm
– takedown is Feb. 28 from 4-5 pm
Contact Yvonne Schrank to sign up –

Good Shepherd Show – April 2 – May, 31 2018
Important dates:
– jpeg of your painting by March 16, 2-10 painting to Mary Buhl at
– Hang time is April 2 from 4-5 pm
– Down time is May 31 from 4-5 pm

EXCITING NEWS:   May 7-10, 2018 – A Paint in will be held at Linden Hills in Little Falls, MN.   Includes 1 day Workshop with David Smith. titled “Soft Floral” There are openings for the day Workshop with David Smith. Contact Pat Spence to see if there is any availability for the entire retreat event. See details in CMW January Newsletter or go under the Newsletter tab on this website.

This is the Material List of the David Smith Workshop Day:

“Folks will need a painting board that paper will stick to when wet, such as Plexi Glass or the Shiny Slick Coated/Surfaced Masonite. The board dimensions should be larger than the sheet of paper, which will be 11×15. They will also need to be able to prop their board up at an angle. They might be able to get away with propping their board on a large Kleenex box, but a easel of some sort would work better.”

Materials List
Usual Supplies: palette, water container, masking tape, towels, Kleenex, large spray bottle, hair dryer, pencil/eraser, etc.
IF you have an iPad/tablet, I recommend bringing it to take demo photos for reference.

  • Paper: One quarter (11”x15”) sheet of Arches Cold Press 140lb paper will be provided with the sketch already on the paper. Please bring at least 2 more sheets of paper to practice on.
  • Paint Boards. For this painting process, one will completely wet the paper (front & back). You will need a board that the paper will Stick to, such as Plexi Glass or the Shiny Slick Coated/Surfaced Masonite. The board dimensions should be larger than the sheet of paper, which will be 11×15.
  • Tools for lifting/softening highlights: Stiff Bristle Brush or Fritch Scrubber. My favorites are the #4 & #16 Fritch Scrubber (Cheap Joe) and the #2 Artisan Short Flat/Bright long handled (Winsor & Newton)
  • We will be working at a slant. Therefore, a table easel may come in handy. However, I’ll most likely simply prop one end of the painting board up on a Kleenex box or something.
  • Paint: I recommend the primaries: Yellow, Red, Blue, and a dark such as Paynes Gray, Indigo, or Neutral Tint. I’ll incorporate a number of colors, including: Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, and Payne’s Gray.
  • Brushes: A variety of rounds and flats will work fine. I use synthetics (Escoda, Robert Simmons, Loew-Cornell). Brushes I presently use are: Escoda Rounds (Perla) size 8, 10, 12 (the Joseph Zbukvic set). And Escoda Mops (Ultimo Tendo Synthetic) size 14 & 18. If interested, these all can be found on the internet, like Amazon and some online art stores.

MonaLisa Graphite Paper or Loew Cornell Gray Transfer Paper (can buy at Michaels art & craft store, JoAnn Fabric, or online/Amazon) and a colored ball-point pen (red works well).  These leave a transfer that is hard to erase, BUT are Dark, so you can see the lines through layers of paint, and will not wash away when wet.  If you choose another transfer paper, test it to make sure it will be dark enough to see after a couple washes of color and will not disappear or get too light when wet.


**Keeping your paints and brushes wet – Paint with your Colleagues

Monday mornings 8:30-11:30 at Whitney center — Silver Brushes

Thursday afternoons 12:30 – 4 at Watab Hall – informal group gathering to paint whatever it is that you want to work on.

Member Events:

Kathy Braud has a large watercolor show at M-State College at:

Charles Beck Gallery
1414 College Way,
Fergus Falls, MN
from Jan 8 – Feb 28, 2018.
Reception will be 2 – 4 ,Wed. Feb 7, 2018






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