More Fall 2014 Painting Class Opportunities

In addition to the classes already posted on this site, here are a couple of new additions.

Saturday, November 1st and 22nd – Watercolor Mystery Days by Donna Jarve

Come and join these mystery days — step by step so that you can complete your masterpiece.
Where:  Watab Town Hall – Take Hwy 10 to mile marker 169 and turn left onto Cty Rd 79 –  go one
block and turn left.
Time: 9:30 – 3:30
Cost:  $40 each day
To sign up and for further information contact Donna at 20-230-0124

Thursdays in November – Classes by Sharon Nieters
Sharon is holding watercolor painting classes from 1 – 4 PM at Watab Town Hall on Thursdays in November (excl. Thanksgiving) .  Sharon explores different techniques, topics and unique methods for creating watercolor art.
   For further information you can contact Sharon at or call  at 320-253-7218.



CMW at Paramount Gala – Sept 27, 2014

CMW was represented well at the annual Paramount Gala with Anita Hendrickx and Dan Mondloch demo-ing and showing their work.  Guests attending the event were able to see and talk with the artists as they worked.   Stef Young, President and Mary Buhl, Vice-President of CMW were also in attendance to promote CMW and its presence in the community.

Hendrickx Photo- Gala 2014 Mondloch photo - Gala 2014



Mondloch photo painting - Gala 2014 Hendrickx Photo printing - Gala 2014