Art Fair in the Garden (Munsinger-Clemens) July 17, 2014

8th Annual Art Fair in the Gardens

Each summer, Munsinger and Clemens Gardens hosts an art fair featuring artists from all around the state. The Eighth Annual Art Fair in the Gardens was held on Thursday, July 17, 2014 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Led by Kerry Kupferschmidt, the Central MN Watercolorists participated in exhibiting our art for the first time this year.

Visitors were encouraged to browse and purchase some wonderful pieces of artwork to take home and to enjoy the music provided in different areas among the flowers along with food and beverages. In the past, the Art Fair has featured 45-plus area artists.

The day was beautiful with CMW showing and selling paintings, cards and bookmarks.  There were 9 participating CMW artists in this event.

Kerry - Coordinator for CMW

Kerry – Coordinator for CMW

Display panel

CMW Paintings on display


See more photos from our exhibit by clicking here.


Linda Kemp Workshop

Linda Kemp Teaching at CMW

Linda Kemp teaching CMW members at the Paramount

Watercolor artist and teacher Linda Kemp delivered an intense 4-day workshop at the Paramount. So much information and so little time! Lucky CMW members spent 4 days with Linda Kemp learning her methods and secrets to her stunning paintings. Later we spent more time bonding as a group with Linda at Anton’s restaurant Friday evening. Fifteen CMW members and 4 other painters from Iowa and other Minnesota locations enjoyed Linda Kemp’s negative painting expertise emphasizing hue, value and intensity at the Paramount Visual Arts Center April 23 through April 26.

Her informative and friendly “painting out loud” compels her audience to eagerly attend every word and demonstration. Building from a delicately hued underpainting she builds her composition methodically applying her technique of forming shapes emphasizing negative spaces with layered color, coaxing aesthetically pleasing images. Those images inform her next steps.

Questions were welcomed resulting in additional insights and interesting anecdotes. Linda is direct and positive as she provides
feedback to her students.

To see images of her work and listings of her printed and digital publications, go to her web site