Judith Meyeraan

Judith Hallbeck Meyeraan

Artist Statement

Art is simply my Life. It is my Reason for Being. It is my Excitement, my Sorrow, my Passion, my Hope, my Obsession, my Frustration, my Entire Focus. I believe that all of the events that preceded this time of my life took place to form the Present: the Real Beginning.

Judith’s professional experience includes:
Advertising Director Minneapolis Dept Store; Fashion and Product Illustration, Minneapolis/St Paul department stores; also for Manufacturing companies, Design companies, Advertising agencies, throughout U.S.; Illustration Instructor, Minneapolis College/Art and Design; Illlustrator, Bradford Exchange, Chicago; manufacturer of plates, dolls, ornaments, collectibles. Various manufactures of greeting-cards, calendars, school visual aids, medical equipment, etc. throughout U.S.

Website:  JEHMages.com



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