Jan Loebel

Artists’ Statement  by Jan (Bayer) Loebel

“As an artist I am plagued by restlessness, a lack of satisfaction, a yearning to be ‘better’, and the need for variety to keep the fire fueled.  I am ever in pursuit of the thing in my mind I’m trying to capture, the essence of the subject and the light and darkness in it.  The necessity of perfecting workmanship.  The need to study and to try new things. 

And, I am constantly amazed at the creative mind, how it consumes the present and leaves me with soft satisfaction at the end of the day, a day well spent.  Even if the work product is skunky, the creative process seems to soothe and lift, erasing all mental stress.  And the next one is better.

In each work there is a story.  My personal story as an artist is just gaining intensity as I happily frustrate myself in retirement, having been only a part-time dabbler prior to retiring.  I hope the viewers find something to like and probe in each painting, knowing I’ve enjoyed and put a little of myself in each of them.  “

To Contact Jan use this email – just click on this link: bird56blue@gmail.com 

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