News as of February 27th, 2017

February is coming to an end so Spring is in view.  Along with that comes a new energy to change, create or start anew.  Artists are invited to take advantage of upcoming CMW activities.


*Don’t forget about Donna Jarve’s workshop next weekend on March 4 & 5th.  Details in the prior post.


 *There is an Art Crawl on Friday, March 24th.  Sandra Driscoll will be demonstrating at the Paramount Visual Arts Center.
  One more CMW demo artist is needed for art crawls in June, August and November
. Please contact any board member to volunteer.           

~ Meetings~ 

Monday, March 13thGather at 6 PM in the Paramount Visual Arts Center, St Cloud MN. 
 The meeting will include an update from President, Kerry Kupferschmidt and
a presentation by acrylic artist, Bonnie Cutts from the
Golden Paint Company. Bonnie will conduct an overview of a variety
of art paint mediums and we will have a  Q&A session.  This is a
great chance to enlarge our knowledge and see what is new “out there”.  
Here is Bonnie’s Bio:
Bonnie studied at the University of Minnesota, where she received her BFA with a
concentration in drawing and painting. She has shown her work professionally in both solo and
group exhibits over the past 30 years. Her work, both studio and commissioned, resides in
numerous private and corporate collections around the country. She has been affiliated with
Golden Artist Colors’ Working Artist Program since 1998. She offers technical lectures about
acrylic materials in college classrooms and for a variety of artists’ groups and organizations.
She teaches workshops across the country—as well as internationally—which consist of
information on innovative applications of acrylic materials.

The process of painting is as important as the finished artwork; what is not visible is as
important as what is seen. She finds a true sense of discovery in her work and is always
interested in the next place or thing to see, the next move to make, and the next image to paint.

Monday, April 10th Meeting – Gather at 6 PM in the Paramount Visual Arts Center, St Cloud MN. 
The meeting will include an update from President, Kerry Kupferschmidt and a demo by Katia Irie.  She is closely tied to the Russian museum in Richfield, MN.



Monday, May 8th Meeting – Gather at 6 PM in the Paramount Visual Arts Center, St Cloud MN. 
The meeting will include an update from President, Kerry Kupferschmidt and a demo by Judy Fawcett.  Judy plans to show her process of developing a painting from a value sketch to color sketch to final painting.  Members are encouraged to bring a sketch book to follow her instructions on drawing simple figures which enhance the over composition of the painting.  Her website is mnartists.or/judy-fawcett.


Waite Park Library Show – Takedown is Tuesday, February 28, 4-5 pm.
Photos of the show are at the end of this post.

Good Shepherd Nursing Home Show in Sauk Rapids will be held from
March 31st – May 31st.  Information due to Yvonne Schrank  by March 24th. Hang time is from 3-4 on March 31st and take down is from 4-5 PM on
May 31st.  Cost is $5/artist; two paintings/artist. Small paintings at $150 or less sell the best. 
Note the time for hang is different than usual.

East Bank Gallery CMW Show in Sioux Falls, SD – April 1st deadline
 for submission to CMW website
Here is a great opportunity to participate in this exclusive CMW Show which is to be
held in July, 2017.  The Gallery will be promoting and advertising this show so early dates
are necessary.  The Gallery staff project that selections will be made by April/early May and
the artists of the accepted works will be notified then.  There will be 2-4 alternate works
selected in the event that sales occur during the show. 
There is no limit to the number of paintings you can submit for the jurying process. 
Please note:  Once chosen, the paintings must be for sale and kept available after
that date.
 CMW will be coordinating the transport of artwork to and from the Gallery. 

The following is required for your participation in this show:

Before April 1st – Have a jpeg image of your artwork sent to Mary Buhl at
along with the following information:         Title
                              Size ( framed or projected frame size)
                                                                       Medium  i.e. Watercolor or mixed medium

Mary is very willing to assist you in photographing your work and sending it to her. 
Her phone # is 320-252-4412 Email is:   
Do not hesitate to call or email her.  You will notice a tab titled “East Bank Gallery” on the CMW
website where the artwork will be displayed for the East Bank Gallery staff selection process.


 * Ted Nuttall 2017 Spring Workshop  onApril 24-27th, 2017 coming to the
Paramount with a focus on painting portraits. This nationally known artist is in
high demand so let Derick Segerstrom know of your interest in putting your
name on a waiting list. The  reduced fee for CMW members is $450.
Contact Derick Segerstrom at the Paramount 320-257-5928 or click on this email to 

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fascinated spectator of human behavior – the quintessential people watcher. I naturally seek the unique character in everyone I encounter. Indeed, I consider my paintings to be records of expression and emotion, rather than portraits. Often, as I observe someone in his or her everyday environment, I am rewarded with a moment when a gesture or expression combines with the play of light and shadow.

A contemplative smile, hands cradling a book or carefully tying a shoe, a shadow cast by a pair of wire-rimmed glasses – and there occurs a pivotal instant when a story appears.

My paintings are an attempt to compose and thoughtfully record the nuances that fixed these moments, these stories, in my mind.

Matisse expresses the notion superbly:  “I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me.”

Here are examples of Ted’s work:

  Waite Park Library Show held Feb 2017-Paintings: