This section provide links to art websites with helpful resources for watermedia artists.  Click on the link to see.
Site Name:                                    Topic:                                        Link                  Recommended by:

Just Paint by Golden               Many – take your pick       Mary Buhl
Art Tutor                                         Substituting paints
Mary Buhl
Dan Mondloch YouTube      Dan’s Reverse Painting Method        CMW Member             Watercolor Paint Analysis                     Julie Schroeder
Interference Paints                                                    
Cheap Joes                    Multiple topics                    Mary Buhl
Daniel Smith                Multiple topics               –name-CoffeeShop          Bonnie Schwichtenberg
Daniel Smith               Art of Watercolor Journals–I-G-ArtJournals?utm_source=Body&utm_medium                                                                                                                               Mary Buhl Bonnie Cutts                 Acrylic Classes                          Kathy Braud
James Gurney               Artist Blog Spot                                       Robyn York
Philip from Art Tutor      Downloadable Guide for taking photos  for “non photographers”                                                                                                                                                              Mary Buhl
Philip from Art Tutor       Masking Video (45″)                                                                             Mary Buhl



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