Virginia Barker

barker-portraitVirginia Barker is from St. Cloud, MN where she lives with her husband of 63 years, James, two parrots, an Amazon and a Cockatoo. They moved to Minnesota from Nebraska fifteen years ago where they lived on an acreage. Virginia was a Wildlife Rehabilitator which sparked her interest in painting wildlife. She learned about some Native Americans that painted on feathers so she taught herself to paint on her own Peafowl and Turkey feathers that lived on Barker’s acreage. She entered the Nebraska State fair and won Best in Show at the Fine Arts Division. After moving to Minnesota she joined the Artists of Minnesota and she was the People’s Choice winner at their 2004 Spring Show. And at their 2012 Spring Show won 2nd Place in Mixed Media. In 2013 she won an Honorable Mention and a Member’ s Choice Award. In 2014 she won a Honorable Mention award at that AOM Spring Show. In 2016 at the Spring Show held in Walker she won a Member’s Choice Award. She is also a member of Central Minnesota Watercolorists.  She is well known for her Painted Feathers but also paints on canvas, Artist Fungus, slices of Onyx, Agate and Petrified wood, with acrylic paintings. 

Artist Statement:

“I have always had some form of art in my life. I enjoy trying new mediums and new canvas to paint on. I am a self taught artist.
I began painting on feathers 22 years ago. We owned an acreage in Nebraska and had twelve Peafowl and some Turkeys which naturally molted feathers for me. I heard about feather painting from a friend who had visited Florida and had noticed some at a store there. I taught myself to paint on the feathers and it has opened up a new venue for selling my art. All of the Peafowl or Turkey feathers are free-hand painted Native American motif, wildlife, or the feather could be special ordered to show a portrait of a favorite pet.”

Virginia Barker’s painting is on display at the American Heritage Log Bank, located at 2915 2nd Street S., Saint Cloud, MN, as part of a Native American museum. Visitors are welcome.

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Below is an exhibit of her art:

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